Thirsty Thursday

This isn’t our blog’s usual pretty picture, but it is a fact of suburban living. Our water is channeled.

concrete storm drain

Rainfall on the parking lot is diverted along a human-made path to a covered hole to send it to a stream off…somewhere. This kind of trail is hard for even a rat to follow, let alone a squirrel. The elder point from this old squirrel is the water is being taken away from us, instead of being left where we—wildlife—might need it.

Yet, seeing the erosion to the right side of the concrete where the water has jumped its channel makes me give a smug chitter.

concrete storm drain with erosion

Nature is hard to contain.

Sorry, if I’m feeling too grumpy for you readers today. I like those stone water channels some humans are installing. If you’ve missed my old posts of them, here’s another chance to see them: July 19  Dec 20. This seems to be a trend that I for one am going to watch out for, and I welcome any sightings you readers—squirrel or human—may have. These old bones don’t take to traveling far these days.


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