Bradford Pear Feeding

After the excitement of posting so many food plants for wildlife last week, I’m hoping I’m not going to bore you by showing another. I’ve had these pictures since the start of December and just didn’t manage to fit them in. I’m sure you humans get as busy as we squirrels do and can understand. Acorns, leaf nests, defending your territory, it all adds up.

Anyway, on a foggy morning romp around the neighborhood, Hickory and I heard a commotion in the branches above.

American Robins in Bradford Pear tree
The trees were filled with American Robins feasting on…

Bradford Pear fruits

“These are Bradford Pear trees, so those must be pears…of a sort.”
“Have you ever tried them?” he asked me.

I hadn’t, so we leapt up for a taste of the little round fruits.

tiny pears

“Not bad,” he said, “but not acorns.”

I agreed, we still had enough acorns we could leave these little ‘pears’ to the robins. They obviously aren’t as discerning as a squirrel.


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