One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey! Does anyone recognize this… thing?

Mystery #42

Back later for your guesses!



2 thoughts on “One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

  1. Yes – it’s a teasel !
    Where I live in Somerset, UK, they used to be used in the wool industry to comb the nap on newly woven woollen cloth. They were set in wooden frames and when they got too damp to use they were hung up to dry in special buildings called handle houses. There are now very few of these buildings left!
    Teasels are also unusual in having the flowers around the middle of the flower head opening first.
    Birds love the seeds, but there’s not much for squirrels to eat!
    I love the Squirrel Nutwork – it’s the best reason I know to check my email regularly.
    Love, Miranda.

    • Miranda,
      Hey, that’s a lot of good info on teasels. We all liked your note,especially Miz Flora. And, yep, it’s the goldfinches that like picking at those little seeds. Too tedious for squirrels.

      Nutmeg says thanks so much for your compliments on the blog.

      Actually, I say thanks, too!

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