A Berry Shrub to Avoid

We’ll finish out the berry shrub week with one I found in my photo files, but would strongly encourage my backyard habitat and wildlife-loving human readers to avoid. Euonymus is taking over native woodlands when the seeds are deposited via bird droppings. So yes, the birds like Euonymus berries.

euonymus berries

At least we think that’s what this is. Miz Flora and I couldn’t exactly identify this plant when I found it back in November, nor when we tried again this week. The problem is there are many sub-species of euonymus and they take many forms as a vine, shrub and groundcover. When I first found it, I thought the plant was a native Miz Flora had me on the lookout for called Hearts-a-bursting or Strawberry Bush. But there are some subtle differences. Here’s a shot of the entire shrub if any of our human readers can help us with identification.

euonymus shrub


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