One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey, what is this?

Mystery #41

A bloom from last summer, you say? No, this plant bloomed just this week! (Yes, I’ll give you the plant hint, since it’s obvious, though this isn’t necessarily native. Now I’m slapping my paw over my mouth.) Temperatures did soar to the upper 60s here in Virginia, and the plants knew it. Well… we did, too, and you humans, I’m sure. Though today it’s back to cold. Not frigid at least.

Give me your guesses!


These are the blooms of a witch hazel.

witch Hazel variety

It’s too cold for Miz Flora to venture far from her leaf nest to run across the neighborhood to verify, but I strongly believe this is a human-messed with variety, as she would say. The petals are too fancy compared to the one Nutmeg posted October 31.

Pretty, though isn’t it, and very welcome in February!


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