Motionless Monday

Hey there! In keeping with showing off different birds this week, here’s a little gold one permanently perched beside a boxwood.

gold bird statue


5 thoughts on “Motionless Monday

    • Thanks, sarasinart! I try to get out there and post with the #backyardhabitat to build a connection, but don’t manage to do it everyday. Hmm, now that I think about it, I’ve forgotten to add hashtags the last few posts. Must be the cold. It effects how I remember those human habits.

      • Well squirrels might not be expected to remember things like hashtags, but they do help get more readers. Do you have a twitter account yourself? You should. Whether you do or not, follow me @Sarasinart, cos I have a few followers. I don’t have time every day but try to hit it every couple days.

        BTW, your typing is very good, considering how little squirrel fingers are!

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