Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Apologies to those who logged on looking for Motionless Monday. I talked to Nutmeg, who talked to Miz Flora and then Ol’ Wally and we all agreed we could skip today’s regular column in favor of a once-a-year feature:

 Today we celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Who knew, but it falls every January 21st. Go ahead, be nice to a squirrel today. Serve acorns all around! Or if you can’t gather enough for your squirrely friends, mixed nuts are appreciated all the same. Peanuts will do in a pinch.

Of course, we feel everyday here on The Squirrel Nutwork is Squirrel Appreciation Day! But apparently the day regularly makes the news:

This National Wildlife Federation article has the day’s origins and fun squirrel information, including squirrels in the news!

The Mother Nature Network lists 21 fun facts for the 21st, followed by video clips of squirrels, er, feeding.

Last but not least, here is last year’s Washington Post article, wishing readers “Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day. May you find yourself surrounded by nuts.”

Hmm. He says this as if it’s a bad thing.

Oh well. Our way of honoring the day is to show you the cutest photos of the next generation of Eastern Gray Squirrels sent to us by a regular follower. She doesn’t want to be named, but thank you, N!

young Eastern Gray Squirrels

Young Eastern Gray Squirrels

Young Eastern Gray Squirrels


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