The Dark-eyed, Slate-colored Junco

Slate-colored Junco

This little visitor seems to have two names: Dark-eyed Junco and Slate-colored Junco. He was known for a time by the second and now goes by the first.

But we call them an invasion.

Flocks of Juncos descend on us every winter, and while Hickory and I realize they need to eat, too–and it’s way too cold up north where they mostly live–they are terrible competition for us.

We feed on the ground. They feed on the ground.

We eat seeds. They eat seeds.

We like to pickup seeds under bird feeders. They like to pick up seeds under bird feeders.

We run. They fly.

Do you see the problem?

These birds are everywhere, and get there before us!

Slate-colored Junco

They seem to have bird-radar, finding fallen seeds in every little cranny. Or right out in the open.

Slate-colored Junco, eating hulled sunflower seeds!

I can’t wait for April. And no, being cold has nothing to do with not liking Juncos, despite what Hickory claims.


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