Thirsty Thursday

Ol’ Wally here is discovering that with the leaves off the trees, we didn’t spend much time looking at the leaf-covered ground. Now that’s cleared up as well and this old squirrel tripped over a root. Then another, and another. As I looked back up that hillside, I realized those roots were sticking out because the ground had plum worn away around them. Yep, I’m talkin’ erosion.

hillside erosion

But it could have been worse with out those tree roots.

tree root water bars

Can you see that? The roots are acting like water bars. A water bar is a log humans put across their paths to stop the water from running down them and carrying off the bare soil. Or, I suppose more correctly I should say that water bars act like tree roots.

human-laid water bar

I bet you wonder where this old squirrel learned this, since a squirrel’s natural path is via branches. It’s from watching boy scouts undertaking restoration projects in the woods. And personally, I think they could learn more about low-impact from watching us.



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