Oh, Treats!

I’m not sure what you woke up to this morning, but Hickory found a huge treat waiting at his favorite table!

treat nuts

He scampered around waking all of us up early. Miz Flora wasn’t too pleased at the hour—or the cold—but Ol’ Wally managed to calm her down. Hickory let her have first dibs. She chose an imported English Walnut, which she cracked and munched into her check rather quickly, though she hates to admit they are less acidic than native Black Walnuts.

We’ve made many trips to the table today to look over the goods and haul off our favorites and think pleasant thoughts about the humans who thought of us today.

Best Wishes for a warm winter to all our readers, squirrel and human, from all of us at The Squirrel Nutwork!

Drop us a nut to find!

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