Leaf Nest Neighbors

Hickory and I haven’t had much chance to talk to each other, what with collecting the leaves and transporting them for our new leaf nests. I decided I better be close by to keep an eye on the nut, so have moved to a nearby Red Maple.

Nutmeg's Nest in Red Maple

“Yeah, right, Nutmeg,” Hickory yelled from his branches. “I’m a nut and you’re not?”

“Of course not. I’m in a normal sized tree.”

“Excuse me, but your nest is almost as high and out among branches. I at least have my nest against a sturdy trunk.”

I looked from my nest to his. And then back again.


Squirrel leaf nests: Metasequoia left, Red Maple right

Finally, I just twitched my tail at him, a fair imitation of Miz Flora, if I do say so myself, and returned to gathering leaves.


Drop us a nut to find!

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