Motionless Monday

We still have a few interesting winter statues out in the neighborhood.

seal statue

Get your looks in now, because I’m sure these guys will be heading north soon!

One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey you nature detectives! Any ideas on why this branch has a twisted look?

Mystery #36

I’ll be back later!


Heh, in its younger days this branch had a vine grow up it, probably a Japanese Honeysuckle. It squeezed so tight, the wood cells were compressed beneath it. Fortunately, the vine died, or a considerate human pulled it off.

Nuts Dispersed

We all enjoyed visiting the treat table for a day.

with the treat of a Brazil Nut

Then the weather changed and you’d have thought the world was coming to an end. I have never seen Hickory move so fast all fall! He rallied the other three of us to action, but it was like we scampered in slow motion. That squirrel made triple the trips we did, ferrying nuts away one at a time, scraping decent holes in the damp earth and burying them faster than we could leap down the nearby oak. We finished putting up the cache in scattered patches of snow, the ice pellets that had rattled around us turning to a cold rain, and all of us retreated to our leaf nests, bellies satisfied.

the table nearly emptied

I do wonder if we’ll see almond trees sprouting in the spring?

Thirsty Thursday

Lake Thoreau, Reston

It’s quiet out on the Reston lakes these days. Hasn’t been cold enough to freeze them over, so the waterfowl are doing fine dipping their heads for nibbles in the shallows.

pair of Mallards

We have a few visitors besides the resident mallards, but I haven’t been lucky enough to catch them close to shore for photos.

Nature’s Gift

A flurry of activity has taken place in the human neighborhood, and while we squirrels don’t partake in exchanges, we did appreciate yesterday’s thoughtfulness.

“In fact, I’d be happy if it happened every—”

“Quiet, Hickory!”

Ahem! Anyway, we do appreciate humans thinking of us and other wildlife. All of our lives are improved when humans gift groups that help nature. Our friend Earl the Squirrel over at the Reston Nature House sent us this photo of their new sign recognizing a huge gift to the humans in our suburban area.

Nature House sign

We love that they included acorns on their logo!

Oh, Treats!

I’m not sure what you woke up to this morning, but Hickory found a huge treat waiting at his favorite table!

treat nuts

He scampered around waking all of us up early. Miz Flora wasn’t too pleased at the hour—or the cold—but Ol’ Wally managed to calm her down. Hickory let her have first dibs. She chose an imported English Walnut, which she cracked and munched into her check rather quickly, though she hates to admit they are less acidic than native Black Walnuts.

We’ve made many trips to the table today to look over the goods and haul off our favorites and think pleasant thoughts about the humans who thought of us today.

Best Wishes for a warm winter to all our readers, squirrel and human, from all of us at The Squirrel Nutwork!

Motionless Monday

Hey, has anyone else noticed there’s something about this season that brings out the deer statues? From the small…

small deer statue

…to the medium…

medium deer statue

…to them grazing in groups…

grazing deer statues

…and lastly, leaping through our trees…

deer statue leaping

…pulling some sort of contraption! We squirrels at The Squirrel Nutwork decided to turn in early after seeing that one. We don’t want to attract the attention of this neighborhood visitor!

One of Nature’s Mysteries to Solve

Hey Folks, this is a bit of stretch for being local. This photo came to us from one of our field correspondents in the mountains of West Virginia. It is a native plant and somewhat appropriate for what we’re seeing in the neighborhood this season.

Mystery #35

Give me a guess on the low grayish plant in the center.


It’s reindeer lichen! The plant got its name either because of the branching like structure of its growth which reminded humans of antlers, or because deer eat it. I couldn’t get a straight answer, but it’s a fun one to know.