W is for Water

I need it, my squirrel friends need it and you readers need it. Yet, for some animals—and people, we suppose—clean water is difficult to find.

Reston has four lakes and many streams and ponds, but I can’t run across the golf course every time I get thirsty. That’s why I looked for plentiful water in my new home.

It’s there in the pond, but also in other catchments the people have set out wildlife that may not want to take a dip.

Sometimes water is there, but hard for us to find. If people put in something that makes a trickle, we hear it and head for the source.

I’m not saying you have to go all out, just a little splash will alert wildlife you have thought of them.

W is also for Walnut Squirrel, or Ol’ Wally as Hickory introduced him to me.

Ol’ Wally is pretty quiet and keeps to himself. He is regularly at the new backyard pond. I talked to him when I was researching the frog eggs (see E day) and learned he is totally into water. After I sought him out again for S day’s salamander information, he bugged me to feature water. He’s convinced me it’s so important, we may have to make water a regular part of the blog.


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