M is for Monarda

The people in this backyard have moved a plant Miz Flora calls monarda to a pot.

Monarda, sometimes called

Wild Bergamot or Bee Balm

—because there are many different kinds—

is in the Mint Family.

See the square stems?

All mints have square stems.

I wasn’t familiar with monarda, but I had lived near a garden that had peppermint growing everywhere. The people couldn’t get rid of it because the fast-growing roots sent up sprouts everywhere.

This monarda has done just that, too.


But mints have very attractive flowers to bees and butterflies, especially the monarda. The people here are controlling where the monarda can grow by restricting it to a pot.  Miz Flora says the summer blooms will be a cluster of pinkish flowers.

M is also for Miz Flora.

I’d like to introduce the lady squirrel who has been so helpful to me in learning all about plants in my new neighborhood. She says it may take her a while to get used to that ‘new-fangled’ machine I use to post my news, so don’t expect to hear from her any time soon. (That’s okay. I’m pretty good at remembering what she tells me.)


Drop us a nut to find!

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