Newness in my bushy-tailed life

I’ve set up my new leaf nest with the plentiful oak leaves found in my new neighborhood. Luckily the residents aren’t all too neat and still have piles of them blowing around spare corners.

In poking around I also discovered this sign. Apparently I have moved into a Backyard Habitat. It has food and water for wildlife. I feel very much at home.










To celebrate my move and my new blog about my new home, I’ve signed up for the Blogging A to Z Challenge for the month of April. For the next twenty-six days, skipping the Sundays after tomorrow, I will be blogging on a topic of importance to the life of squirrels, starting with A and continuing on through Z. Hope you join me to see what I come up with for X! I’m wondering myself. Luckily I have 24 days to think about it!

Checking out Hickory’s neighborhood.

Yesterday evening I set out across the golf course to meet Hickory. His neighborhood greens are every bit as beautiful as the cul-de-sac where mother reared us kits, but as she taught me, beauty doesn’t necessarily yield food.

It’s spring and food is tight for squirrels with no fruits, berries or seeds setting on yet. 

Yes, his cluster has oak and hickory trees, but I couldn’t find a single acorn or nut rooting around in the newly laid mulch.

Hickory showed me the new pond.

Very nice, but when I said I still wanted to look around, he looked a little sheepish and invited me to a deck to see The Table. The Table? Sure, whatever, I thought. No harm in humoring this guy. I might want to stop by and see him again. I followed him up a tree, along railings, leaped over a few spaces between townhouse decks and…

Oh, Great Orb!  Food from People.  Good Food from People. I moved nest and will report on my explorations soon.

Possible Backyard

No beech trees in our cluster, but plenty of mature oaks and hickories, for which I am named. As for water, one backyard has a new pond, for fish we suspect. Let’s meet and I can show you around.